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Who Was? A Story time

Who was Stevie Wonder?

Based on the Who Was Story time series, on the second Saturday of the month a middle or high-school student will lead a story hour based on the life of a famous African American.

This year the Cedar Rapids Public Library is partnering with the African American Museum of Iowa to provide a collaborative story time highlighting and celebrating local and national African American historical and contemporary figures. Over the span of the entire year, there will be creative projects, musical activities and more. This program is most beneficial for children between the ages of 6-12 years old. All are welcome. This event is sponsored by the Academy for Personal and Scholastic Success.

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Downtown Library

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About the library

The Downtown Library is located at 450 5th Avenue SE, in the heart of Downtown Cedar Rapids. It is a 94,000 square foot building with a variety of civic spaces and a vibrant collection of library materials. Special features of this location are the Whipple Auditorium, a 200 seat auditorium overlooking Greene Square; and the LivingLearning Roof, a green roof with public seating and space to hold special events. Greyhound Café is located in the Downtown Library, providing a full service coffee shop for visitors, as well as catering for meetings and special events.

Upcoming events

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